About us

Established in 1986, Geotec S.p.A. provides surveying and drilling services to important local authorities, public bodies and geophysical companies such as CNR, MIUR, ENI, Western Geophysical, CGG (Compagnie Generale de Geophysique), Prakla-SCHLUMBERGER and OGS (Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale).  

In 1996, Geotec S.p.A. took over  Discovery Geophysical Services, a company set up in 1991 by the Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale of Trieste.

It is from this moment on that these two companies, together with Simec S.r.l. Società Industriale Meccanica", a mechanical engineering workshop also part of the group,  reinforce their operational status on the market, providing a wide range of services in a variety of geographical, social and cultural contexts not just on national territory but also abroad.  The group can offer geophysical services through the use of complex 2D and 3D methods for geological knowledge of the subsurface, for mineral exploration, and  for engineering purposes.

The past ten years have seen Geotec S.p.A. grow and develop continuously and extend its field of activity into other important sectors such as civil engineering.  Geotec is able to provide solutions regarding geognostic and geotechnical investigations, the characterization of contaminated sites, seismic risk assessment and 3D scanning.

In December 2005 a merger took place.  Discovery Geophysical Services was incorporated into Geotec S.p.A. In 2012, Geotec also acquired the long standing company SO.RI.GE, specialized in geognostic surveys and deep hole drilling.  With SO.RI.GE’s know-how and Geotec’s recent investments, the two companies are capable of offering professionalism, expertise and experience in geognostic surveys using the wire-line method up to a depth of 1200m.