Environmental investigations

Geotec S.p.A. carries out environmental investigations aimed at identifying the chemical and physical properties of soil and groundwater, in order to detect any areas of possible contamination.

These investigations are carried out on industrial estates and brownfield sites and in order to identify ideal locations for new landfill sites, for the recovery of former sites and groundwater monitoring.

These are the stages which characterize environmental investigations:

  • Ground investigations with core recovery or non core drilling where cuttings are swept away from the bit and lifted to the surface either by pumped circulating water or by jets of compressed air
  • Collection of undisturbed soil samples
  • Installation of piezometers for groundwater testing and sampling
  • Soil gas survey: collection of interstitial gas in order to detect the presence of volatile organic compounds
  • Groundwater cleaning and sampling
  • Chemical analysis of soil and water in accredited and certified laboratories
  • Permeability tests - Lefranc and Lugeon
  • Installation of  PVC / stainless steel "Nestyprobe" micro filters.
  • Installation of  PVC / stainless steel "Nestyprobe" micro filters.

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