The hydrogeological study of an area is of utmost importance and allows us to establish if there is a distribution or movement of groundwater in soil or rocks.  This study allows us to gather information regarding the relationship between lithotypes, the presence of groundwater and the possible consequences arising from construction projects in the area.

Geotec S.p.A. monitors groundwater through the following operational phases:

Installation of piezometers in order to monitor groundwater levels

  • The evaluation of hydrogeological properties
  • Well drilling for water extraction
  • The carrying out of hydraulic/hydrogeological investigations

The monitoring of groundwater levels through the installation of piezometers:

Geotec S.p.A. installs in specially drilled holes open standpipe piezometers, casagrande type piezometric cells and electrical piezometers. The diameter of open standpipe piezometers varies according to the type of monitoring to be carried out and if any testing or measurements need to be made. Groundwater level monitoring can occur manually through the use of phreatimeters, or electrical transducers (data loggers) which automatically record piezometric variations at established intervals.

Hydrogeological properties

Geotec S.p.A. uses a multiparameter probe in order to record hydrogeological characteristics such as:

  • Temperature
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Ph
  • Salinity
  • Redox

Water well drilling to access groundwater

Geotec S.p.A. drills holes of various diameters uses the following methods:

  • Rotary drilling with direct or reverse mud circulation
  • The use of compressed air
  • Overburden drilling

Hydraulic testing

Geotec S.p.A. carries out various aquifer tests (pumping tests) according to hydrological characterization such as:

  • The Lefranc permeability test
  • The Lugeon permeability test

Hydraulic testing

  • Aquifer tests (pumping tests) are carried out with the use of piezometers in radially spaced monitoring wells.
  • The Lugeon permeability test

These tests include:

  • SDT or Step drawdown test
  • CRT or Constant rate test

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