Vehicles and equipment

Geotec S.p.A. has at its disposal a wide range of automobiles and industrial vehicles (over 230):

  • Off-road vehicles such as Land Rover, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes.
  • Trucks such as Mercedes Benz Unimog, Fiat Iveco, Magirus Deutz, Magirus Iveco, Fiat OM 50, 70, 90, 110
  • Lorries with trailers and semi - trailers
  • Drilling rigs assembled on Same, Buffalo, Laser and Antares tractors
  • Track mounted drilling rigs such as the EGT 315 VD, Casagrande C8 drilling rig, Atlas Copco Mustang, Drillmec G25 drilling rig
  • Prakkla-Seismos vibrators

From small lightweight conventional drilling rigs to heavy duty rigs, helitransportable rigs, LIA drilling rigs - Limitato Impatto Ambientale – Limited Environmental Impact (length 3 metres, width 1.10 metres and height 1.80 metres),  hand held drilling rigs for pattern drilling in inaccessible areas.

Drilling rigs are used in different jobs: deep and standard geognostic surveys, special foundations and in geophysical prospecting. LIA drilling rigs, designed by Geotec SpA and manufactured by Simec Srl, assembled on 30-50-70 HP tracked or tyre tractors, are capable of drilling holes between the rows of a vineyard and between the trees of an orchard to a depth of  between 15-20 metres using water and air. All the tracked drilling rigs, together with the Drillmec G-25 are equipped with a triplex pump and wire line winches for deep surveys from 500 to 1200 metres.

High-tech instrumentation

Surveying equipment:

Surveys are carried out by Geotec S.p.A. using market-leading Leica surveying equipment.
LEICA VIVA GNSS GS15 receiver 9
LEICA VIVA GNSS GS10 receiver 2
LEICA VIVA controller 15
LEICA TCRP 1205 total station 1
Trimble Total Station 5601 DR200 1

Laser scanner:

Laser equipped with Nikon D200 10 Mpx digital camera, inclination sensor, tilt mount device, vehicle mounting device, wireless checking devices.   The terrestrial laser scanners are made up of a long range, highly efficient 3D laser scanner.

Laser scanner Z+F Mager 5010 1
Laser scanner RIEGL_VZ400 1
Laser scanner RIEGL LMS-Z390 1

Seismic acquisition systems:

The system has become the most productive system ever not just for its totally new concept in ground equipment but also for its unique operating efficiency in seismic data acquisition.  It is made up of a multi-media networking system (laser, radio, cable etc.).

The DAQ-LINK II a 24 channel data acquisition system, light weight (1.4Kg) and compact design (76x144x280 mm).  24 bit resolution and sample rate 8, 4, 2, 1 msec, 500, 250, 125 usec.  Suitable for most seismic surveys including short seismic lines (reflection/refraction) downholes and crossholes.

Sercel 408UL-XL 1
Sercel 428-XL 1
SQC-Pro 1
Data Acquisition system DAQ-Link II - Seismic Source 2
Borehole geophone BGH3 – Geostuff 2
Borehole source equipment – Sparker probe 1

Structural monitoring:

A pachometer or covermeter is a device used for rebar mapping and to locate concrete covers.

Covermaster CM9 1
Bartracker 1

Sonic and ultrasonic tests are carried out on concrete structures, masonry and various types of building materials.  These tests are used to detect the presence of any cracks, holes or defects and together with the use of the Schmidt hammer measure the elastic properties or strength of concrete or rock and penetration resistance.

The Schmidt hammer test is a non-destructive test measuring the elastic properties or strength of concrete and other building materials.

CMS Ultrasonic System 1
SCHMIDT Hammer 1

Flat Jack testing:

BOVIAR Flat Jack Tester 1
Deformometer DEMEC 1

Modular rigid borescope:

Boviar Modular rigid borescope 1


Wire-line systems PQ, HQ, NQ, Atlas Copco.

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