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  • Geotec SpA at the Heart of Innovation

    Participation in the Feasibility Study of the Einstein Telescope

  • Geotec SpA at the Heart of Innovation

    Participation in the Feasibility Study of the Einstein Telescope


Febbraio 13, 2024

Geotec SpA at the Heart of Innovation: Participation in the Feasibility Study of the Einstein Telescope

Giugno 8, 2022

#EAGE annual 2022

Maggio 23, 2022

EAGE 2022 Madrid

Maggio 20, 2022

Important milestone for the Brenner Base Tunnel

Maggio 16, 2022

3D Seismic Survey (Lardarello Geothermal Area)-Tuscany

Maggio 14, 2021

Partnership with S³

Seismic surveys

Oil & Gas Exploration


Albania 2D Block 4 Project

February-July 2021

  • Challenging terrain
  • Successfully managed a 280 member crew during COVID 19
  • Area 1.100 km2

Geothermal Research

Partnership with S3

Basel 3D Project

September-December 2021

  • Intense urban area
  • Low impact night vibration
  • Geothermal research

Scientific Research

GFZ Potsdam

SEIZE Project

October 2020

  • Preliminary seismic survey for the DIVE Project
  • Acquisition in valleys and urban areas
  • Balmuccia Area (The greatest natural laboratory)

Geotechnical & Soil investigations

Near shore site investigations

Livorno Port Authority

Livorno Port area

2019 – 2020

  • Near shore site investigation drilling
  • Important Project for the “Europa Platform” design
  • Over 50 holes cored with SPT,DMT, Menard tests performed, sub-bottom profiling (SBP) executed

Directional drilling

Consorzio Messina Catania

Lotto Nord- Sicilian Railway project-Messina

September/December 2021

  • JV directional drilling project with multiple rigs
  • Continuous borehole direction monitoring with EMS
  • Steerable core drilliing

Scientific Research

CNR – Roma

Lamezia Terme (Catanzaro)

January/July 2014

  • 911.5 meter depth borehole with PQ,HQ and NQ diameters
  • Scientific drilling project 
  • Geothermal potential


Geotechnical convergence

Brenner Basistunnel BBT SE

Lot Isarco

Since 2016

  • Geotechnical convergence and laser scanner measurements of the Isarco Underpass 
  • The longest underground railway connection in the world.
  • Major strategic project with high HSE Standards 

Geotechnical monitoring

Brenner Basistunnel BBT SE

Lot Mules

Since 2020

  • Geotechnical convergence & monitoring with laser scanner measurements in the Mules Access
  • Ambitious tunnel excavation “The Green corridor”
  • Cross-border project linking Austria and Italy

3D Laser scanner services


Multiyear Framework Agreement

Since 2017

  • High quality 3D Laser scanner measurements for railway bridge 
  • Over 50 railway bridges scans conducted
  • Performed color acquisition with structural integrity analysis

Our Main Clients

Seismic surveys 

Geotechnical & Soil investigations


Our Partners

Our Standards

ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
ISO 45001
D. Lgs. 231/2001


Via G. Barbato, 20
86100 Campobasso (IT)

Branch offices

Via Isarco/Eisackstraße, 1
39040 Varna/Vahrn (IT)

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